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Associate Members

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Honorary Members

* Deceased
The Texas Automotive Recyclers Association would like to recognize those who have contributed their time, skills and talents to the Association.

* Norman Dulaney

Dulaney's Auto & Truck Parts
Plainview, Texas

* Roy Goldsberry

Auto Salvage Guide
Richardson, Texas

Raymond Jones

Texas Auto Parts
Abilene, Texas

Robert W. Townsley

Texas Dept. of TransportationAustin, Texas

* Floyd B. Patke

Patkes Auto Parts Inc.
Houston, Texas

* Vernon Frank

Johnny Frank's Auto Parts
Houston, Texas

* Dave Head

Dave's Foreign Auto Parts
Houston, Texas

* Archie Scott

Archie Scott Auto Parts
Vernon, Texas

* Wanda Lindeman

Dulaney's Auto & Truck Parts
Plainview, Texas