Our Mission

In the interest of assuring the continued profitable business operations for our peers, families, employees, and customers, we the Board of Directors of TARA issue the following mission statement:

  • To represent our memberships' interest and to set as our foremost objectives the steps necessary to aid our members in the purchase of parts, vehicles and the sale of used parts, and the profitable operation of their business.
  • To catalyze all the dismantlers in Texas, and strive for continuous improvement in the operations, improve public image of used auto parts dealers, and deter auto theft and sale of stolen parts.
  • To impact, aid and direct all impending legislation and regulation of used parts dealers and to keep our membership informed of those requirements.
  • To aid ancillary industries when possible, including Rebuilder Sales & Repairs, Auto Parts Rebuilding, and New Parts Sales. Where a conflict exists, we will always represent our memberships primary interest, i.e., parts purchasing and used parts sales.